What a Good Cannabis Accountant Can Do for your Business


An experienced cannabis Accountant can assist you with growing your business and avoiding major roadblocks. More and more cannabis businesses have been surfacing as more and more states are moving towards the legalization of medical as well recreational use of cannabis and trade. Whereas cannabis dispensaries as well as grow operations have a lot of the same problems that new businesses need to contend with, their set of challenges are likewise unique.

  1. Obtaining their Bank Accounts

Bank account opening is one of the main challenges in front of cannabis businesses. Since cannabis remains to be a federally regulated substance, a lot of banks are on guard against accepting cannabis clients. There may already be guidelines issued by the federal government as regards legal state businesses for cannabis, still most banks are unwilling to deal with cannabis organizations as clients and account holders.

Accountants from advirtualservices.com can be very helpful if you are getting any banking service that you need and at a nominal possible cost.

  1. Making Use of GAAP to Avoid Trouble

Generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, are the established standards that regulates business on how they are supposed to keep the books they have and their account as well for things; for example, depreciation.

Several agencies of the federal government are actively checking on cannabis businesses and they are examining how they carry out their business. A couple of the most precarious institutions for a cannabis business are the IRS and the SEC. Not only can these agencies compel businesses to pay a fine, but they may likewise refer pass on criminal charges.

By adhering to GAAP, it will help keep your cannabis business away from dire consequences whenever these agencies choose to check your books.  Start now!

  1. Escaping Tax Traps

Taxes are forever complicated for any business. However, the IRS has even made things harder for the cannabis industry by severely restricting their tax deductible expenses. If you have a cannabis industry Accountant with enough experience, he/she will be able to help you out in tax planning and also tax compliance. Read more facts about cannabis, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_(drug).

  1. Living through an Audit

Audits are never easy, but if the auditing agency considers the as illegitimate in general, audits can even be more agonizing. Working with an Accountant while confronting an audit is probably the only means to endure such a test.

  1. Understanding the Figures

An Account is educated to calculate as well as to interpret the important monetary indicators for a business. Cannabis is a competitive industry, and without the help of an Accountant, it may be difficult for you to understand what the financial strengths and flaws of your business are. At the same time, you will need their calculated guidance about making the best tax as well as investment decisions with regards to your business future.


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